ALECOSA increases its productivity after drastically reducing the production stoppages it suffered due to micro power cuts thanks to the IEQSY-PQS energy efficiency system.

Our customer is a leading company in the profiling of brass wires with almost 60 years of experience in the foundry sector. Located in Valls (Tarragona), it has about 40 employees and since 2006 it has been continuously expanding in world markets, reaching 90% of sales in exports.



With an average of three micro-outages per day mainly due to the poor quality of the energy supplied by the old substation that supplies the industrial estate where its factory is located, our client suffered from continuous production stoppages. Numerical control casting machines were affected by micro-cuts and the factory suffered from wear and tear generated by stress instability with continuous overvoltages and drops.



After the audit carried out by our team of specialists, two 1600A IEQSY-PQS systems were installed, which have drastically reduced electrical incidents.



Drastic reduction of micro-outages and electrical instability.
Increased factory productivity.
– Greater Savings and Efficiency: They manufacture more parts in less time.
Greater electrical safety and less maintenance of equipment.
– Spectacular return on investment in just 6 months.

Due to the success of the two pieces of equipment already installed, we are currently working to provide them with a third 1600A piece of equipment that will give them full coverage of the factory.