In IEQSY’s facilities we inaugurated a showroom where you can see a PQS equipment in full operation


It is now possible to see live the most complete energy efficiency system on the market. The Power Quality Supply, better known as PQS, is connected to the IEQSY plant in Madrid, so that the energy data shown in the showroom are real.

This equipment is capable of improving all the parameters that affect power quality in real time thanks to the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the sum of all the energy efficiency technologies known to date.

We invite you to come to our facilities to see firsthand how it is possible to convert poor quality energy into more productive, efficient and safe energy.


IEQSY PQS Energy Efficiency System Exhibition

Hub LabSpace 

In addition, at IEQSY we support innovation and participate in all those projects that bring an improvement in energy efficiency; for this, we have created a space dedicated to innovation related to energy efficiency, our Hub Lab Space.

Contact us and schedule an appointment to see the showroom live and/or to present us your project and to test the development of your prototype in our lab:

IEQSY supports Star up innovation