Energy Saving Certificates (CAEs) are a system that is regulated by Royal Decree 36/2023 and allows consumers who implement energy-saving measures to earn extra income that helps improve the profitability of their investment.

What are CAEs for?

The Energy Saving Certificates serve to complement the financial contributions that the Obliged Subjects (electricity or gas marketers and wholesale operators of petroleum products or liquefied petroleum gases) have to make to the National Energy Efficiency Fund (FNEE) and comply with part of their energy saving obligations established in Law 18/2014,  which establishes and regulates the FNEE.

Until now, the Obliged Subjects contributed quarterly to the FNEE through monetary contributions marked by the Government. However, from the third quarter of 2023 they can do so by submitting CAEs.

These savings will be certified by the competent certification body, called the Savings Verifier, which is responsible for verifying that the energy efficiency action complies with all the established requirements.

The ultimate goal of the CAE System is to increase energy efficiency projects, which are essential for meeting the objectives for reducing final energy consumption and CO2 emissions to which Spain has committed itself to Europe. 

What are the advantages of implementing a CAEs system?

On the one hand, it allows consumer companies as well as individuals to raise revenue that partially offsets their investments in energy efficiency.

On the other hand, it will allow electricity and petroleum products suppliers to contribute to the FNEE at a more competitive cost.

Who can benefit?

Any entity that carries out an energy saving action, including companies of any size, public administrations, individuals, universities and research centres… they may be beneficiaries of the CAEs.

The aid is awarded for savings in energy consumption over a period of one year. Therefore, the amount will be calculated on the kWh saved, not on the budget that is run to carry out the savings.

It should be noted that the mechanism is incompatible with any aid from the National Energy Efficiency Fund (such as IDAE Energy Efficiency in SMEs and Large Industry), but compatible with the Next Generation Investments, including the decarbonization PERTE.

From IEQSY we encourage you to apply for your CAEs Certificate

Increasing the energy efficiency market, while increasing your computable savings, is possible. Therefore, if you have an IEQSY energy efficiency team, we encourage you to apply for your CAES Certificate.

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